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Altes Zollamt

Schnirchgasse 9

1030 Wien

Altes Zollamt

Schnirchgasse 9

1030 Wien


V ARE back live for you now with a new slot on Ness Radio

every 1st and 3rd saturday / month we will be broadcasting straight and direct outta vienna for your leisure

for our first feature edition in 2014 it will be


click image for details

find all the details here


On Monday, September 30th V ARE opening our very first show, with works by Clara Agnelli and Mario Grubisic, a concert by Connie Frischauf & Alexander Fuchs, a lecture by Martin Kerschbaumer and our live Radio broadcast with Mr. Preddy : V ARE PERSONAL.

Josefgasse 1, 8th District

Rainer Klang is passionate about collecting records, digging deeper, loving and getting LOST IN MUSIC.

Besides Djing he also organises clubnights (Lost In Music, Private Dancer, and also strongly connected to the PRATEREI team), used to work for KLEIN records, is now working for mica (music information center austria) and for four years we saw one another on a weekly basis, as we both were hosting our show on the same day, before that station decided we were not commercial enough ... and yeah, we miss his shows, his special selection, that sense he has being dedicated to underground dance music.

Rainer has a remarkable taste in music and V ARE very much looking forward to have him with us in the studio.

this wednesday [august 7th 2013] on NESS RADIO

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