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joja 2013 Puehringer wien

When it comes to the end of the year, I love to take the time to think about the things I did, what I liked about them, and what I want to change for the next try. Also this takes me into direction of the upcoming 365 days and lets me think about what kind of explorations I want to fill those days up with. Many my thoughts gather around the topic of media/internet, as I am truly fascinated by nowadays possibilities.

Space Time

V ARE Vienna Helena Hauff Golden Pudel Clara Agnelli Mario Grubisic Josefsgasse 1 Oktober 2013

via Dazed


"I think it can be a really good thing... if it’s about the music, more than about the fact that someone’s got a pussy instead of a cock" Helena Hauff


Oben ist nicht mehr vorn . STOFFWECHSEL . Brand Eins 2005


Alle finden Hierarchien blöd.

Alle wollen irgendwie Teil eines Netzwerks sein.



von Wolf Lotter .

Respekt . Es ist Zeit . Brand Eins 2011

Anleitung zur Respektsperson

Blog-Bang: Warum ich tue, was ich tue und wie wichtig die Frage auch für dich ist.

joja 2014 prater vienna

Aktuell bin ich dabei mein Internetnutzungsverhalten neu zu definieren, ich will mehr Zeit außerhalb von social media Kanälen verbringen (warum erfährst du in folgendem Artikel) und mehr nach Inhalten suchen, die ich selbst kuratiere und daher besser meine eigentlichen Interessen verfolgen.

Malcom Gladwell

malcom gladwell

surfing the web i came across this article by Malcom Gladwell, an author i recognized earlier, reading his book "Outliers".

THE GIFT OF DOUBT - Albert O. Hirschman and the power of failure

Creativity always comes as a surprise to us; therefore we can never count on it and we dare not believe in it until it has happened. In other words, we would not consciously engage upon tasks whose success clearly requires that creativity be forthcoming. Hence, the only way in which we can bring our creative resources fully into play is by misjudging the nature of the task, by presenting it to ourselves as more routine, simple, undemanding of genuine creativity than it will turn out to be.

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