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Madame Mohr . Guggenheim Helsinki

Sir Nicolas Winton


domesitc bliss

see more photos by Susan Copich via Bored Panda

Space Time

V ARE Vienna Helena Hauff Golden Pudel Clara Agnelli Mario Grubisic Josefsgasse 1 Oktober 2013

via Dazed


"I think it can be a really good thing... if it’s about the music, more than about the fact that someone’s got a pussy instead of a cock" Helena Hauff


It's a plastic world

FUCK PLASTIC and the Industries behind!

Report by German TV about Plastic in Body Care Products, Milk, Honey and Water

Raphael Fellmer

Stepahn Benz Photography . Family Fellmer

Raphael Fellmer

He lives without money. He "saves" food. He works on "food sharing" and he knows about the facts.

video is in german, but on the website you can find information in English, Spanish and French too.

view website.: forward the (r)evolution

photography above by Stephan Benz

tracking you

infographic big brother is a technology company

In this Info-Graphic you can see what technologies some of the biggest media platforms of the internet use to track your usage.


by baynote

Lois C.K. on that forever empty

die Syrienaffaire


"Syrien .. und ihr denkt es geht um einen Diktator"


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