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Map of the Internet by Jay Jason Simons

algorithmic sarcasm 2013

tracking you

infographic big brother is a technology company

In this Info-Graphic you can see what technologies some of the biggest media platforms of the internet use to track your usage.


by baynote

Lois C.K. on that forever empty

Disclosure and Klangkarussell for Ö3 / RedBull BeatBoat

disclosure at beatboat party vienna 2013

Well. Yesterday i found myself in the middle of an "event", like a real commercial event, something i did not join for many years, which was the first thought on my mind after seeing the "go-go-girls" on that Radio Ö3 platform ...

The concept: "a boat party" - which was not exactly true, since the only people on the boat were the artists and the team. That boat actually just carried the stage and had two stops this week, some days ago it parked in Linz and yesterday in Vienna.

But let me take you back in time a bit.

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