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After it rains, the clouds will be gone ..

joja 2014 article clouds

When everything goes into the cloud and all of a sudden it started to rain. ..

Adobe is definitely the one company serving best for creatives' needs. Many rely on it working on graphic, film or even web projects. The idea of putting everything into the cloud sounds crazy to me. I find it pretty terrifying.

Madame Mohr . Guggenheim Helsinki

Space Time

V ARE Vienna Helena Hauff Golden Pudel Clara Agnelli Mario Grubisic Josefsgasse 1 Oktober 2013

via Dazed


"I think it can be a really good thing... if it’s about the music, more than about the fact that someone’s got a pussy instead of a cock" Helena Hauff


Tully Arnot . Lonely Sculpture

It's a plastic world

FUCK PLASTIC and the Industries behind!

Report by German TV about Plastic in Body Care Products, Milk, Honey and Water

Raphael Fellmer

Stepahn Benz Photography . Family Fellmer

Raphael Fellmer

He lives without money. He "saves" food. He works on "food sharing" and he knows about the facts.

video is in german, but on the website you can find information in English, Spanish and French too.

view website.: forward the (r)evolution

photography above by Stephan Benz

Lois C.K. on that forever empty

The Innovation of Loneliness

by Shimi Cohen


mit den von den menschen gespeicherten daten, würden diese auf A4 ausgedruckt, wäre es möglich die welt fünf mal zu umwickeln. informationsökologie muss her

ein mann der ars electronica in einer diskussionsrunde auf okto . august 2013

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