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tracking you

In this Info-Graphic you can see what technologies some of the biggest media platforms of the internet use to track your usage.


by baynote

infographic big brother is a technology company

Gambia . White Open Walls

Video by Rowan Pybus and Sydelle Willow Smith.

Disclosure and Klangkarussell for Ö3 / RedBull BeatBoat

Well. Yesterday i found myself in the middle of an "event", like a real commercial event, something i did not join for many years, which was the first thought on my mind after seeing the "go-go-girls" on that Radio Ö3 platform ...

The concept: "a boat party" - which was not exactly true, since the only people on the boat were the artists and the team. That boat actually just carried the stage and had two stops this week, some days ago it parked in Linz and yesterday in Vienna.

But let me take you back in time a bit.

disclosure at beatboat party vienna 2013

die Syrienaffaire


"Syrien .. und ihr denkt es geht um einen Diktator"


Galgant, Galangawurzel, Alpinia, Siam-Ingwer, Thai-Ingwer, Siamese-Ginger, Galanga, Langkuas and Laos in Indonesia, Kha in Thailand.

a plant in the ginger family


Alpinia galanga

family of Zingiberaceae

cultivated in Thailand, Malysia and Indonesia.

About Google Ranking by Michael Schifflhuber

Ranking-Faktoren: Darauf kommt es bei Google heute an
Autor: Michael Schifflhuber


100 g contains about

53.2mg Vitamin C (80mg=recommended daily=64%)
9.35g Sugar

Oranges grow on trees, 3 up to 10 meter high. Citrus sinensis is the name of the tree that is an evergreen with little white flowers. In Europe the tree blooms from February till June.

In German the "Orange" is also called "Apfelsine".

By Massimo L. (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Lemon juice, rind, and zest are used in a wide variety of food and drink.

When used in marinades for fish, its acid neutralizes amines in fish by converting them into non-volatile ammonium salts, and meat, where the acid partially hysdrolyzes tough collagen fibres, tenderizing the meat, but the low pH denatures the proteins, causing them to dry out when cooked.

lemon from zitrone

Terrace Sounds

TERRACE SOUNDS . August 21st 2013

Modern Stalking + Joja

Christof Moderbacher aka DJ EMODEE

Christof Moderbacher aka DJ EMODEE aka EMMO is a great dj and photographer

The Innovation of Loneliness

by Shimi Cohen


Rainer Klang is passionate about collecting records, digging deeper, loving and getting LOST IN MUSIC.

v are lost in music with rainer klang on ness radio . joja + farbdiscography



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well - as expected - that night turned out to be as promising as i thought. KINGDOM, "Fade To Mind" - "home of the unpronounceable" [quote, benji b, BBC Radio One] label boss played a straight to the floor set, full of bouncing bass and driving rhythms - definitely one of those that i love to hear aloud!

Eglo Records


mit den von den menschen gespeicherten daten, würden diese auf A4 ausgedruckt, wäre es möglich die welt fünf mal zu umwickeln. informationsökologie muss her

ein mann der ars electronica in einer diskussionsrunde auf okto . august 2013

SOHN . Bloodflows

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was an US-American architect.

He was born on June 8 1867 in Richland Center [Wisconsin] and died on April 9 1959, aged 91 in Phoenix [Arizona].

1885 Frank Lloyd Wright started to study at the University of Wisconsin

1887 he left the university without a degree

Frank started working at Joseph Lyman Silsbee's office in Chicago, but did not even stay for a year, because he started workin for Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan.

Malcom Gladwell

surfing the web i came across this article by Malcom Gladwell, an author i recognized earlier, reading his book "Outliers".

THE GIFT OF DOUBT - Albert O. Hirschman and the power of failure

Creativity always comes as a surprise to us; therefore we can never count on it and we dare not believe in it until it has happened. In other words, we would not consciously engage upon tasks whose success clearly requires that creativity be forthcoming. Hence, the only way in which we can bring our creative resources fully into play is by misjudging the nature of the task, by presenting it to ourselves as more routine, simple, undemanding of genuine creativity than it will turn out to be.

malcom gladwell

Katherina Lochmann

Katherina Lochmann is a Vienna based photographer and video maker.

Oskar Kokoschka

Oskar Kokoschka was an Austrian painter born in Pöchlarn on March 1st in 1886.

He died Febuary 22nd 1980 in Villeneuve close to Montreux in Switzerland. 

He studied at the "Wiener Kunstgewerbeschule" classes of A. von Kenner, C.O. Czeschka and B. Löffler.

Egon Schiele

Egon Leo Adolf Ludwig Schiele was born on June 12 1890 in Tulln an der Donau.

He died on October 31 1918.

Schiele was next to Oskar Kokoschka and Gustav Klimt one of the most important figures of the "Wiener Moderne" and an Expressionist.