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When it comes to the end of the year, I love to take the time to think about the things I did, what I liked about them, and what I want to change for the next try. Also this takes me into direction of the upcoming 365 days and lets me think about what kind of explorations I want to fill those days up with. Many my thoughts gather around the topic of media/internet, as I am truly fascinated by nowadays possibilities.

It turns out that the industry of mobile devices is full on. More people than ever are online, connected to the world wide web. The smart phone actually lets those people, who never really wanted to get a computer in the first place, finally throw that unloved piece of technology out of their lives. For those who are not seriously depending on computer based systems to get their work done, everything now can be organised with phones or tablets. This is a big change to the system, that has built itself up throughout the past decades. Designers and programmers have to rethink their output. Or supposed that people behind the desks already did, their customers probably haven't – the consumer not even plays a role at this point.

In this day and age we are on our last sprint to the peak of digital revolution. From local area networks to a now worldwide connected Internet, it took a lot of effort and there is still a bundle of things, that will need to be done (i.e. ensuring a fast and strong enough connection to all), nevertheless we reached a point, where the internet is fed by its users, but at the same time strongly controlled by its creators and/ or maintainers. Not only that we as the users hand out a lot of information about ourselves in a very easy manner (something that would have scared shit out of people, like let's say, ten or fifteen years ago), we furthermore also allow full control over our content and lay our trust in securing our data to third parties.

I do wonder how it really happened that we all do not worry about security of personal information anymore. Back in the day it was always a big deal, to share w h a t e v e r with the public. Today we rely on social media, a lot of business is done with and within those applications.

Sit back for a minute and think of your Internet usage.

Which sites are you visiting, what is it that you consume passively and where are you actively creating content? And how much time does each of this tasks take up?

Ask yourself some more questions:

  • If facebook shut down their service unexpected, how many of your contacts would you have written out?

  • If instagram closed their servers by tomorrow, will you be able to scroll through your life the way you are used to at the moment?

  • If twitter went offline by today, where will you find those links and news that you like?

  • If pintrest erased all their data, where will you look for inspiration?

You get the point, right?

But it is also interesting to look at the other perspective, not only you rely on those services to keep you network alive, also everything that you put into those systems, stays in these systems, and you can assume that there is people that would be able to read out i.e. your messaging tools.

You might sit there and be like “ah . Whatever, ain't got nothing to hide really .. so what should I care for ...” - well, pretty simple:

The Sony situation shows very clear how vulnerable we actually are at present times.

I guess we all do things on the internet (or partly on “private” files in the cloud – and yes! our files are already in the cloud by sending some file via email), that we do not want to share with the world. And it is not only about the company that is holding this information, you got to think of the possible hacks to that portal. It can be rude words sent via email or leaking unpublished work,  it could be watching porn showing certain most definitely private biases, or just by what we are looking up on search engines - creating a pretty clear picture of our lives is possible, including which diseases we are worried about, what we like to eat, whom we stalk and where we wanna go and what we would like to be. It never is just that one sacred piece of information that threatens our privacy, it is much more the overall picture, knowing of when and why you are and aren't (anymore) in touch with people. It could be a picture of a photo of your child being used for an advert, because you did not read the terms and conditions properly. These are the thoughts of concern. It is never about the situation when everything goes well, things come when you least expect them, when someone starts to dig for the dirt.

Where am I going to?

However, the flood of information on the web leads to the need for distributors, strong enough knots to serve the community. Those channels are the power of the web. It is not twitter, nor instagram or facebook, it is all about the viral profiles. So guess what? It is YOU.

The internet is the perfect place to connect with people that inspire you, it is made to spread your ideas and the things you love and desire. The web needs people who a) do what they love and b) are educated enough to make it happen. It is no different than real life.

In both worlds, digital and analog, it is our choice which channels of information and aspiration we use. To make the best out of the web for oneself, again, underlies our own will to dig deeper and put in some effort.

Wishing you a lot of Creativeness and strong knots for 2k15.



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