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Galgant, Galangawurzel, Alpinia, Siam-Ingwer, Thai-Ingwer, Siamese-Ginger, Galanga, Langkuas and Laos in Indonesia, Kha in Thailand.

a plant in the ginger family


Alpinia galanga

family of Zingiberaceae

cultivated in Thailand, Malysia and Indonesia.

Galgant grows in the scrubs of south China and in the tropical parts of Asia. When the plant is 4-6 years old the root is harvested.

a plant that grows up to 2 meters, with white bloosoms from May to August and carrying fruits from September to November.

Thai Ginger is good for digestion. You can drink a mixture of Galgant and Lemon Juice when suffering stomachache.

Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) called Galgant the "spice of life", also recommending it against heart aches. In India Galgant is known as an Aphrodisiac.

Furthermore Galgant is antibiotic, stimulates menstration, eroticizing, pain-relieving.

helps against: spring fever, stomachaches, flatulence, disturbed blood flow, diarrhea, cold, arthralgia, heart aches, heart weakness, lumbago, infarct, colic, head aches, anthrax, canker, back pain, gum bleeding, nausea



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