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AMARANTH - family of Amaranthaceae, also known as Kiwicha, one of the oldest agricultural crops, that was already cultivated in Tehuacan (Mexico) by the Coxcatlan Culture and found in 9000 year old graves. For Azteks, Inkas and Maya Amaranth was next to Quinoa and corn, staple food. It was cultivated on a large scale in ancient Mexico, Guatemala and Peru.

The seeds are used like grain, it is gluten-free. The leaves can be eaten as a vegetable, smell and taste of spinach or mangel, their high protein is more than in soja.

not a weed

rich in iron, protains are even richer than in milk. high calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Also super rich in Lysin, that is known to give super power to the brain.

Amaranth is good if you suffer:

  • chronic fatigue
  • debility
  • nervousness
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • constipation
  • premature aging
  • upset / sour stomach
  • tattered respiratory system
  • low immunity

ἀμάραντος . the word's origin comes from the Ancient Greek with the meaning of "unfading" "ever blooming" "ever lasting"

Amaranth is easy to cook, or can be toasted like corn. For cooking you wash it and then boil it in three times water for 30 min and then let it swell for another 10 min.

AMARANTH also known ..

  • as red food coloring E123
  • a wood from south and central America
  • a hedge fonds that lost 5 billion dollars in autumn 2006 in just a few days
  • a song by nightwish (2007)
  • villages/ cities in Ontario, Delaware and Pennsylvania, an Island in Pike County Missouri


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