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by Shimi Cohen

i love the internet and all its advantages. i remember like in 2002 or so it was nearly impossible to embed a video or similar things, also people did not understand why i tried or wanted to promote things like that.

i was always fascinated by the online world and am strongly connected to it. i am a big fan. and i love code. but i am definitely concerned about what is really happening now with all the social media, i watch how we use facebook and i use it myself a lot, always trying to figure out how to use it "the right way". i am thinking about the true fact how we all add content to a system that we cannot control.

we are all very ok with the simple fact of putting a lot of time and actually work into those social media representations. everybody uploads their personal things, and nobody seems to care what happens to the content. facebook and co are in control. posts will disappear just because they were not "popular" enough. i strongly dislike that.

i also feel really strange about people constantly sharing everything, it distracts me when i am with someone and this person does not really seem to be with me, just more with me through the web...

constantly showing off is just truly tiring and i often felt that people seriously live "i share - therefor i am"

but well, this is a topic you will find me write about more often for sure. this video is great.

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